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Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Is a ductless system right for you? A ductless system can provide both heating and cooling or cooling only. There are many differences and advantages over a central heating and cooling system.

Ductless System Benefits:

  • Zone Control
    With zone control, you can decide your ideal temperature in each area of your home. With a traditional ducted system, you're cooling or heating the entire home. This can be inefficient and wasteful. Save energy and money by targeting only rooms needed. You can also program for comfort with a ductless system. This allows you to program and control the temperature for each area, which ultimately improves comfortability and efficiency.

  • Extra Quiet
    Ever had to turn on the A/C and then couldn’t hear that movie you were watching? Air conditioners are often annoyingly loud. However, with a ductless system, the major parts of the unit are placed at the exterior of your home, and air comes out of the side of the outdoor unit, rather than the top. This makes ductless air conditioning extra quiet.

  • No Ductwork Necessary
    With a ductless systems, you don't need any ductwork under or through your home. This also makes installation of a ductless system faster and less disruptive. No demolition or tearing down walls means less upheaval and a quicker installation process.

  • Flexible Placement
    With a ductless system, you have a lot more options in terms of placement. They can be installed high or low on a wall or in the ceiling.
5 star reviews

Excellent service! Great communication! Jeremy, technician was thorough, answered all questions, personable, efficient with great attitude and personality.

Gitte J - Albany
Jul, 2022

Raffy was a joy to work with, and the entire scheduling experience was great for my annual HVAC tune up, my appointment started right when I'd scheduled it. I felt comfortable and happy to have Raffy work in and around my home, and enjoyed his warmth and upbeat energy.

Cale C - Albany
Jun, 2022

We would definitely recommend Greg’s Heating and A/C. Our serviceman, Raffy, was the best! He was on time, answered all our questions, very professional, took his time and explained all what he did and why. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the job done.

Deb K - Albany
Jun, 2022

They installed heat pump and new heater. They were friendly and very efficient. I've used them twice for really difficult jobs. They were excellent.

Michael I - Albany
Jun, 2022

Contacted Gregs for an annual service on our furnace and AC unit. Raffy did a great job of explaining what he was going to do and he showed me what he found as he was going through. The AC condenser unit (outside) was filthy and he cleaned it. Looked great when he was done. All at a very reasonable price. I recommend them to any residential customer who needs repair or just pre-summer maintenance.

Jerry B - Albany
Jun, 2022

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The diagram below shows the flexibility of a ductless system.

House diagram showing ductless installation

Ductless Heating and Air System Options and Components

FB4CNP and FX4D Legacy™ Line Fan Coil

Fan Coils for Economical Cooling and Heating Comfort

Legacy™ fan coils are an affordable addition to cooling and heating systems These dependable products can help improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs, year-round. Environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant helps improve outdoor air quality, too.

FB4CNP details FX4D details

FV4C Preferred™ Series Fan Coil

Preferred™ fan coils are a reliable way to boost comfort and energy savings. The model FV4C fan coil can help increase your air conditioner's published efficiency rating by up to 2 SEER. That means cutting cooling costs by up to 16% and heating costs up to 10%. All aluminum coils assures durable performance and year-round comfort.

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FE4A Evolution™ System Fan Coil

Evolution™ fan coils are an easy way to cut cooling costs by up to 16% and heating costs up to 10%. They also feature extra quiet, efficient and consistent temperatures with variable speed control, along with environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. This fan coil can also provide relief from hot, sticky summers with superior humidity control capabilities.

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Ductless fan coil system

38MHRCQ Legacy™ Line Heat Pump

Cost-Saving, Space-Saving Comfort

Our most energy-efficient Legacy™ Line ductless heat pump, the Model 38MHRBQ, delivers quiet, variable-speed comfort where typical ducted systems can’t. This economical outdoor unit saves space while saving money with its compact cabinet and affordable cost. When matched with a compatible Bryant high wall indoor unit, it gets up to speed in a hurry to provide cooling or heating comfort for a room addition or converted space.

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38MARB Preferred™ Heat Pump with Basepan Heater

Versatile Heating and Cooling for Year-Round Comfort

The 38MARB heat pump can be matched with an indoor fan coil to provide reliable cooling effeciency up to 23 SEER and heating efficienciy up to 14 HSPF. This unit can operate in a wide range of outdoor temperatures, providing year-round comfort regardless of the temperature outside.

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Ductless fan coil system

38MBRBQ Preferred™ Single-Zone Heat Pump

A perfect balance between budget limits, energy savings, and comfort.

The 38MBRB heat pump can be matched with an indoor fan coil to provide reliable cooling and heating performance at low sound levels. This unit can operate in a wide range of outdoor temperatures, providing year-round comfort regardless of the temperature outside.

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38MGRQ Preferred™ Multi-Zone Heat Pump with Basepan Heater

Deluxe Comfort for Up to Five Separate Spaces, No Ducts Required

Perfect for a home without ductwork or a newly converted space, our PreferredTM Series multi-zone heat pump might be the right choice for you. As a part of the MGR Multi-Zone Ductless System, you can use up to five indoor units supported by just one outdoor unit. The Inverter compressor delivers year-round comfort on the hottest summer days to colder, winter nights (100% capacity as temperatures down to 5° F when properly sized and matched with specific indoor units).

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Ductless heating and cooling system

40MHHQ Legacy™ Line High Wall Indoor Unit

Affordable, Wall-Mounted Heating Or Cooling

When budget is a consideration but comfort is a must, our Legacy™ Line 40MHHQ High Wall indoor Ductless unit is the ideal choice for heating or cooling your room addition or newly converted space. It's convenient too, with a temperature-sensing wireless handheld remote that lets comfort follow you. Designed for single or multi-zone use, it offers customizable comfort with four available fan speeds and louvers that can either move or remain stationary.

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Ductless heating and cooling system

619AHBQ Preferred™ High Wall Indoor Unit

Purpose-Built To Make Life Easier & More Comfortable

When selecting an HVAC system, it's a no-brainer that it needs to be efficient and flexible. But what about the installation, use and service of that system? Well, it should be equally as low maintenance and stress-free. Get the ease of use and reliability you've come to expect from your HVAC system with the Bryant High Wall - the ductless indoor unit designed to improve efficiency, usability and overall in-home comfort.

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Ductless heating and cooling system

40MBCQ Preferred™ Cassette Indoor Unit

Versatile Comfort You Can Look Up To

Ideal for a converted space or room addition where ductwork is not available, the Preferred™ Series 40MBCQ Cassette fits comfortably over-head to deliver quiet, unobtrusive heating and cooling. It senses the temperature at your handheld remote to place comfort where you need it most, and provides the right amount of airflow with three available fan speeds. Designed for versatility, it's a key component to either a single or multi-zone system.

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Ductless ceiling heating and cooling system

40MBFQ Preferred™ Floor Console Indoor Unit

Enjoy Comfort from Below with our Flexible Floor Console

As part of a ductless single or multi-zone system, the PreferredTM Series 40MBFQ Floor Console is a comfortable fit. Sitting out of sight, but not out of mind, it blends into your new or converted space to deliver quiet, heating and cooling comfort. It senses the temperature at your handheld remote to let comfort follow you. And, it provides the right amount of airflow with three available fan speeds.

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Ductless floor unit for heating and cooling system

40MBDQ Preferred™ Ducted Indoor Unit

Bryant Puts the Duct Back in Ductless

Designed for in-ceiling, below-the-floor or vertically in the wall applications, the Preferred™ Series 40MBDQ Ducted indoor unit is the perfect fit. It senses the temperature at your handheld remote and delivers the right amount of airflow with three available fan speeds. And it's quiet, too, the perfect complement to a single or multi-zone ductless comfort system. This unit is also available in a high-static model compatible with our 38MBR single zone heat pump.

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Ductless floor unit for heating and cooling system

40MBAA Preferred™ Air Handler Dutcless System

Maximum Flexibility With Multi-Zone Compatibility

Easily connect select ductless systems with traditional ducted systems or replace outdated gas furnaces while still enjoying the benefits that ductless systems provide. Additionally, you can install the unit in four different positions for maximum flexibility within any space.

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Ductless floor unit for heating and cooling system