Product Highlight: PuriFi Responsive Air and Surface Purification System

For our customers who require an environment with very high air quality, the PuriFi Responsive Air and Surface Purification System is our most effective option. There are several good air purification systems available but the real time monitoring is what really sets the PuriFi system apart. The system includes an air purification device that is installed in your existing HVAC system and the PuriFi Air Quality Sensor that operates 24×7. The sensor detects particulate levels every 90 seconds. If particulate levels exceed your desired level, the system is activated until particulate levels are again below your preferred threshold. You can control the entire system and view from your smartphone or the included Smart Hub.

Unlike systems that work with UV light, the PuriFi’s Airborne Molecular Purification (AMP) technology a covers every room with natural, long-life, high-energy, molecular ions attacking the contaminants at the source. Every vent in your home or business becomes its own air purification system.

PuriFi Air Purification System

How well does it clean?

In addition to reducing odors, bacteria, and household particulates such as pet dander, pollen and dust, the PuriFi Air Purification System has demonstrated a 95% total airborne reduction of the COVID Delta Variant in 29 minutes and nearly complete removal within one hour.

The PuriFi Generator creates high energy oxygen ions which clean the air and surfaces, including those that can’t be reached with regular surface cleaning.

Maintenance is simple, you just need to replace the PuriFi 02 catalyst every two years. The system notifies you when it’s time to replace it. You will also need to replace your regular HVAC filter a bit more often as the oxygen ionization will make it work much more efficiently at trapping particulates.

Watch a video to see more details about how the PuriFi purification system works.

If you still have any questions, visit the PuriFi website, or contact us.

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